Radish my heart

Sure, you can simply munch on radishes raw or slice and toss with your lettuce salads (and they taste  amazing these ways this time of year)….but if you’re looking for some adventurous ways to prepare your Groundswell radishes this year, click on some of the links below. The possibilities really are endless!

Braise them (I have used Bacon instead of salt pork and had great results)

Glaze them (sub honey or maple syrup for great results!)

Grill them

Roast them with thyme

Make your radishes the star of the dish and Curry them or make Radish, Corn Tacos later this summer.

Grill some steak and make a radish relish

Slice, Soak and Serve with Chive Butter  Seriously, this so simple and wonderful that I’m linking you to the blog post from last year for this recipe.

Grate and throw in your coleslaw for a little extra kick later in the season as cabbage becomes available.

My favorite way to eat radishes is Bread and Butter Pickled and served over hamburgers. OR if you are more of a dill and garlic pickle fan…try this recipe for Dill and garlic pickled spring radishes.

Make Chips out of them: savory or sweet Your kids will love them.

Who doesn’t love fritters?!

Use up some of this weeks kohlrabi and try this recipe if you are a blue cheese fan.


SAVE THE GREENS, cut them off within a day or two of getting your radish bunch and prepare them soon. Use them as you would any other cooking greens. For example:

Pesto those greens

Looking for a spicy side? Try this Spicy Radish Leaf Furikake

Use radish tops in your next Saturday morning omelette (sub spinach in other favorite recipes).

Add the greens to your smoothies.


See picture below for a snack or appetizer idea: cracker of flatbread topped with your favorite cheese (I used white cheddar) melt under broiler for a minute until melted. Top with a little kosher salt, radish slices and mixed greens tossed in vinaigrette.

Another quick idea: Toast a bagel with Harvest Cream Cheese and top with sliced radishes and other veggies as they come available throughout the CSA season.

Still not completely excited and inspired to dive into those beautiful radishes in your fridge? Check out more ideas on Groundswell Cooking Radish Pinterest Pinboard!



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